David Stern Law Offices Foreclosure Fraud

By Dan F. Schramm, President, Park Place Securities, Inc.
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David J. Stern shows off his ill gotten gains

David J. Stern was a Florida attorney who became a multi-millionaire by foreclosing on hundreds of thousands of Florida home owners. He did it by cheating and gaming the system. He did it by outright forgery and fraud. Today his law firm is shut down and he is enjoying his wealth off the backs of Florida home owners. One of his investments is 5 Guys Burgers and I would urge everyone to avoid eating there.

The misdeeds of his firm, in the form of mortgage assignments, are still injuring home owners to this day. In addition to being a law firm, Stern had a back office operation that manufactured mortgage assignments to order for his clients. The back office operation was so big he sold it to investors for $60 MILLION dollars.

When his law firm was shut down, the investors discovered that Stern's law firm was the only customer their investment had and they were also out of business. They sued Stern and reached a confidential settlement. Word is that Stern got to keep half the money.

You will know if the mortgage assignment in your case is from the Stern forgery operation because his name is printed on the form in small type.

We can prove it is a forgery in any court. Our book tells you step by step how to keep it from being introduced as evidence. Generally, the promissory note is not endorsed to the trust. Had the REMIC trust parties carried out their obligations, no mortgage assignment would ever be necessary. If the promissory note is not endorsed, and the mortgage assignment is kept from being introduced as evidence, no foreclosure can happen then or ever.

Even if you have already lost your mortgage trial and the foreclosure sale has not yet happened, we can put a stop to it forever. Never face foreclosure again.

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Yes, if your property is in a REMIC trust, you can win your foreclosure trial and we can beat the banks summary judgment motion.

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